Från dröm till verklighet - Min historia

From dream to reality - My story

This is the story of my journey, from craft-interested teenager to a grown-up creative woman. I grew up among sewing machines and needles, my father was a tailor and cobbler. It was with a certain love-hate I sat in front of the sewing machine for the first time, with great cheers from my parents..perhaps the youngest daughter would inherit the interest in creating.

Over time, I grew into the role of sewing machine operator, I excelled in sewing, and for high school the obvious choice was fashion & design. The future prospects were bleak as a clothing designer with high school qualifications but nothing was going to stop me and my dreams.

At an early stage I was focused on clothes and clothes only. Fate took me into post-secondary clothing design training but somewhere near the end, doubts began to grow inside me. I didn't feel comfortable with today's standards and the fashion industry in general. Parallel to the creation, I have always loved animals, many times animals have been my security and great leisure interest. From cutting out animal pictures and wallpapering the room to finally owning my beloved bulldog.

A few years into pet ownership, I noticed that most accessories, collars and leashes are as gray as a wet autumn day in rainy Sweden. One day in the park I met an elderly woman, who had sewn an amazingly cute necklace for her little poodle. We started talking and she told me that there wasn't a necklace in the right size for the model they wanted. Therefore, she took to the sewing machine to give her lover what they thought was the finest.

The year was 2020 when the idea was born to use my knowledge and drive - to create what does not exist on the market. To create what makes each pet owner unique, with Swedish quality materials, and a personal touch. My son was three years old at the time and my husband called me crazy. I asked the son what should mom's dream be called...his answer was monkey. Then and there Mad Monki design was created, out of love and madness with a dream to change.

Love to you all,


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